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BRC Presents Radio Connects to Consumers

Radio Connects to Consumers (RC2C) is a robust study delivering insights into consumer attention, engagement and path to purchase among Canadian audio listeners.

RC2C uncovers what role various media channels play within consumers lives and what motivates people to consume media? Through examination of shopper “types” and attribution, RC2C reveals which media touchpoints inform the path to purchase. Should mainstream media channels receive more credit?

The study moves the audio conversation beyond devices to content - revealing the role of personal music and discovery, the importance of news and information about the communities in which consumes live.

More than a media study to highlight the strengths of radio, RC2C delivers the honest truth about consumer attitudes to media, including the “trust factor” (or lack thereof), ad avoidance and attention paid to media channels.

Study findings will be presented in the context of generational research, moving beyond the trope of “millennials are ruining everything”. Do audio consumption behaviours change as life stages evolve?

8:30 am - Registration

9:00-10:30 am - Presentation

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Audio Landscape

Radio Connects you to the Audio Landscape.

Join Radio Connects as they present the latest in Canadian research about Radio and the evolving audio landscape.

Jeff Vidler, President of Audio Insights will present his most recent results of the highly popular and informative "Radio on the Move". Following his presentation, Jeff will moderate a panel of Canada's leading radio experts on the future of radio as it evolves in pace with technology. 

On the panel will be:
Julie Adams - SVP of Radio Rogers Media
Brad Phillips - Corus VP, FM Radio Programming
Sarah Cummings - Bell Media, Regional Program Director for Ontario & Atlantic Canada
Steve Jones - Newcap VP Brands & Content

Completing the morning will be a presentation by Radio Connects President, Caroline Gianias, who will discuss her insights on what to think about when planning audio strategy.

Registration/Breakfast 9:00 am - 9:30 am

Presentation to start at 9:30 am

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Attribution Explained

As the digital landscape continues to change the way Advertisers, Media Agencies and Media Vendors look to ascribe credit for sales conversions, the process for determining media ROI has also evolved.

The BRC is hosting Marketing Effectiveness Measurement Fall Series that looks to breakdown the truths and myths of Attribution and Marketing Mix Modelling, and provide the best way to think about these two different media methodologies.

Our first in the series is Attribution Explained.

Attribution is considered a new methodology and there are a number of approaches. Most of these methodologies haven't been around long enough for their quality to be fully tested, so our presenters will provide their point of view and perspective.  We will close with a wrap up from Leith with some 'tips & tricks' to help you navigate this methodology.

Measurement Series Overview

How do we measure media ROI? There are two models that agencies and clients consider

  • Attribution - Starts with a consumer journey (usually digital) and tracks which ads a consumer sees or what a consumer searches for before they end up converting (usually online) in some way by purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter or downloading a coupon.  Attribution aggregates all the individual consumer journeys and looks at the consumers who purchased versus those who didn't.
  • Marketing Mix Modeling - Starts with sales or another dependent variable and then look at all the things that could influence it such as media, distribution, weather, pricing, GDP, etc. MMMs explain which variables influence sales and by how much.

The two experts for this session are Teresa Lewis, Special Operations Consultant at Adobe and Blair Robertson, Chief Analysis Officer at TV Squared.  Adobe will be speaking to us about digital attribution and TV Squared will explain TV attribution.  Leith HIgdon, DIrector of Analytics & Insights at Mediabrands Canada will speak to watch out and tips when implementing attribution for your business.

Registration/Breakfast 9:00 am - 9 :30 am

Presentation to start at 9:30 am



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Success with Content Integration

The BRC is proud to turn the spotlight on Content Integrations as part of their series of industry awareness events.

Join us on March 1st as we explore how to make and measure successful content integrations. Dos and Don'ts of content integration will be shared and broadcasters will highlight successful case studies, followed by an overview of Nielsen Sports - Nielsen's new sports integrations measurement division

Dos and Dont's When Doing Content Integration
Katherine Fera, Director of Content Creation at IPG Mediabrands

Successful Content Integration Case Studies
TSN Case Study - Bell Madia
Biosteel and Hotels.com - Rogers
Back to School with Walmart - Corus
The Rio Olympics and RBC Training Ground - CBC

Nielsen Sports Overview Yoeri Geerits, Senior Vice President Nielsen Sports Canada

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Radio Event

THE FUTURE OF RADIO: A look at the relationship between traditional radio and radio streaming today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Jeff Vidler, President, Audience Insights Inc. will start the event with research findings from the latest Radio On The Move study, conducted in association with Radio Connects.

David McDonald, VP, Director of Radio Investment, Mediabrands, will then lead a panel discussion consisting of executives from leanStreamSpotify and the major radio broadcasters.  Learn how technology is affecting radio and how the industry is adapting to these changing consumer media habits.

Closing the event is an update from the Executive Director of Radio Connects, Sarah Garvie.

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Mid-Season Review

The critical Fall Television season is complete and the audience results are being posted.

Hear from Rogers, Corus, CBC and Bell Media about their perspectives on the season past, what developments they're seeing in the market and what they’re looking forward to in their Spring schedules.

Kicking off the event, Kathy Gardner, VP Media Insights, will present thinktv’s latest research study: Target the (Whole) Market to Grow Your Brands. Inspired by Byron Sharp’s ground-breaking books How Brands Grow and How Brands Grow: Part 2, the study reviews Sharp’s key marketing principles and outlines the implications they have on a media strategy.

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Quebec Panel
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Quebec Panel

On November 2nd the BRC is proud to be hosting its annual French broadcast event. Join us as we explore the uniqueness that is the Quebec marketplace. Key vendors will speak to consumer engagement, programming challenges and opportunities, impact of online video, subconscious influence of online advertising, and more. 

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